Flying Originals

Unique. Just like you. Back in 1967, we weren’t actually planning to create an icon that would outlast the passing of time. All we wanted was a unique shoe to suit its unique wearers. Today, 50 years later, they’re still around – the Mephisto Originals. As unique as ever. Just like you.

Mephisto Originals Rainbow


Style is not merely a question of taste. You either have style, or you don’t. Mephisto Originals are as unique as the nonconformists who wear them: lovers of design, trendsetters, fashionistas, bikers, tattoo artists, world travelers, baristas, you, me. What unites us is the love for detail. It is those details that make us who we are. The style we live. The look that shapes us. And not the other way around. Your style is unique. Your Originals are too.

Your style

Your rules




Simply Original

The shoe for the individualist. The shoe for the unconventional spirit. The shoe for those who have the ability to take on a broader view. Mephisto Originals. As unique as your life.

Originals Rainbow