Mephisto Walks

No matter how you get there....

One moment, you’ve got somewhere important to go. The next, you’re free to enjoy getting nowhere in particular. At all times, you want to feel great, looking great...

Mephisto Originals Rainbow


Every rainbow is worth a second look, and every step makes an impression.

Mephisto Originals

to walk with you

In 1975, we introduced the Mephisto Originals collection. We took the craftsmanship that had been part of our DNA ten years earlier and applied it to our Rainbow and Lady styles. Over the succeeding decades, the Originals have been updated but never duplicated. Whatever your destination, the singular experience of walking in Mephisto Originals is matched only by the impression you make on your journey.

With Oleg Cricket

Mephisto Originals recently partnered with world renowned rooftop parkour artist-turned-filmmaker Oleg Cricket on content featuring his team in our Rainbow and Lady styles.


Mephisto walks the walk. Originals are the real deal. Each pair carries weight as a fashion statement, while boasting immense comfort. No mean feat.

Mephisto Walks