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Style is not merely a question of taste. You either have style, or you don’t. Mephisto Originals are as unique as the nonconformists who wear them: lovers of design, trendsetters, fashionistas, bikers, tattoo artists, world travelers, baristas, you, me. What unites us is the love for detail. It is those details that make us who we are. The style we live. The look that shapes us. And not the other way around. Your style is unique. Your Originals are too.

For non-conformists. For outcasts. For rebels and nay-sayers. For personalities. As unique as you. Mephisto Originals.



Patta x Mephisto Rainbow

Patta is proud to present its second collaboration with handmade shoe company Mephisto. The Netherlands meet France on yet another one of their key silhouettes, the classic Rainbow Mid and Laurie model.

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Timeless & classy

Unique style – unique comfort. Wherever you go: go unique.Since the 1970s, Mephisto Originals have been as unique as the personalities that wear them. Simply unique, just like you.



Every Originals represents an excerpt from history. Each seam is a piece of craftsmanship.
Unique as you


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It’s about those one-off moments. The moments that you share. Precisely those moments that make up your life between “got to do” and “can”. Those Originals moments.
Unique as you

The Originals.
Simply original.

The Originals. Simply original. Street style “made in France” by MEPHISTO. As unique as you are.



Whereever you go: go unique. Mephisto Originals. Unique as you.

Unique as you

Originals Lady

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Cult item for everyday wear. No female foot should be without the Mephisto Originals Lady. Particularly the Originals Lady in fantastic Old Pink. As unique as you are.

Collaboration Originals x Patta

Patta is proud to present its debut collaboration with handmade shoe company Mephisto. The Netherlands meets France on one of their key silhouettes, the classic Rainbow model.

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Amsterdam Fashion Week 2017

MEPHISTO Originals goes FashionWeek:
the designer duo Schepers & Bosman are highlighting the cool style of the MEPHISTO Originals.

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There are the conformal masses, uniform and fused. And then there's you. Mephisto Originals. Unique as you.

Mephisto Originals Rainbow

Our Originals


The shoe for the individualist. The shoe for the unconventional spirit. The shoe for those who have the ability to take on a broader view. Mephisto Originals. As unique as your life.

There is no scene.

There are only
unique personalities.

Recently in........ Buenos Aires. Or Kingston Town. Or Hamburg, Wisconsin or Lisbon: Real style knows no boundaries. And real individuals know no rules. Our Mephisto Originals fit in everywhere that headstrong personalities clash. You just do your thing. And that is as it should be. It is the individualists who keep the world turning. Unique personalities facing the masses every day and still standing their own ground. Be unique. Just like our Rainbow Originals. One of a kind.

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Sneakersammler Mirko Stublic

Because they are comfortable,
because they are always cool.

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Actually, you can collect just about anything ... I collect sneakers.

Mirko has always been a bit obstinate. His motto is "I create things the way I want them" and it is as important to him as having good style. Shoes are his passion.

Coiffeur Pierre Reistroffer

Inspiration can be found everywhere

"I just do what feels right - it may not suit everyone, but it makes me happy." Pierre comes from France, has lived in Germany for three years and has fulfilled his childhood dreams in his shop. Pierre is all about style. And getting a good feeling with the things he does and loves. Pierre does his own thing. As unique as you.

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You can be like everyone else.
Or you can just be yourself.
Mephisto Originals. Unique as you.

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Unique as you